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We are the ASIC registered agent and one of the leading service providers for company registration in Australia. We make sure that the process is quick and hassle free through our direct connectivity to ASIC servers and you can have your company registered in less than 20 minutes. Our documentation is top quality as they are prepared with utmost care and highest professional standard by a well known law firm ‘Batallion Legal’, who specializes in commercial and corporate law matters among other services.

All our documents and instructions are written in simple English and therefore very easy to understand and follow. As you start to fill in the application, you will be guided by hints and explanations as to how you are required to answer each question. In addition, you will also have access to our free online and phone chat services where you can talk to support team for any help.

All the required legal documents are emailed instantly as the company gets registered with ASIC. Documents also get stored with us online on our website and can be easily downloaded anytime, anywhere as you need them using your login credentials.



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Congratulations! Your name is available and your company should be registered within 10-15 minutes after you complete the application

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