We provide service to register only Proprietary companies limited by shares.

Yes you can only register a “special purpose” company to act as a corporate trustee for SMSF. The constitution must specifically state that the special purpose company is acting as a trustee for SMSF.

Yes, as said, you can certainly register your company after office hours, on weekends or on public holidays. Our services are available 24/7 as we are directly connected with ASIC.

It normally takes 2-3 minutes if the application is error free (or) is not marked as “manual processing” as our servers are directly linked to ASIC server. When the company gets registered with ASIC, you should get an instant email with all the required legal documents.

Application is usually marked for manual processing when the proposed name for the company contains a word which is not mentioned in Macquarie dictionary or the proposed name is similar/identical to the pre–existing registered company (or) registered business name.

Company marked for manual processing usually takes longer to register. As per ASIC the registration process may take up to 24 hours but we can tell you from our experience that it usually takes between 30 minutes to up to 2 hours if the application has been lodged within ASIC working hours.

Applications which are lodged after ASIC working hours or during weekend or public holidays and are marked for manual processing get processed the next working day.

If the company registration application has yet to be lodged or has been rejected by ASIC for whatever reason, you can edit it before submitting/re-submitting it to ASIC.

However, if you noticed the mistake after the company is registered with ASIC, it is only possible to make changes to it by directly contacting ASIC for assistance. ASIC has a list of forms that you can use depending upon the required change. Some of the forms are:

Form 205a: This form may charge you a fee of $422 for lodgement. This form helps you to change the company name (or) correct if there is any typo.

Form 484: This form is for adding/deleting a director (or) a shareholder (or) changing the share structure (or) changing the office of the Company.

Form 492:This form is to correct the shareholder’s (or) Director’s person details like Date of Birth etc.

Our fee of $686 is inclusive of $576 ASIC registration fee payable to them. Once the company is registered, the ASIC registration fee is non-refundable. However, we can refund our service fee of $110 under limited circumstances as per terms and conditions.

In case of company registration application rejection by ASIC, we can process full refund after deducting the merchant charges of 4% if you decide not to re-lodge your application after making changes to it.

No. We are an online service provider for registration of companies with ASIC. It is strongly advised that you seek professional advice on matters relating to company registration before lodging your application on our website.

No, the common seal has been made optional since 1st July 1998. For a company’s constitution to be executed, directors (or) director and a secretary (or) a director in case of single director and secretary must sign the constitution.

Anyone can register a company in Australia. You need to have an Australian office address for the company and atleast one of the directors must be an Australian resident.

Yes, a company can be formed with sole person who can act both as a director and a shareholder.

Yes; however, company applications having name containing words not in Macquarie dictionary are marked for manual processing which may slightly delay the registration process. The proposed name also should not be identical/similar to a company which has already been registered (or) a registered state trading name. There may also be certain restriction of words. Therefore, the guidelines must be met.

In the case of reserved company name with ASIC, reservation letter from ASIC and authorisation letter is needed. After you have submitted the application online you need to send these two documents to us by fax at 02 9638 4081 and our support team will contact you for further assistance.

The process to register your company same as registered state business name is really simple. All you need is the state name where the business name was registered and registration number. While filling out application you will find a relevant place asking you if the company name identical to a registered State Business Name (BN).



appears to be available

What does this mean?

Congratulations! Your name is available and your company should be registered within 10-15 minutes after you complete the application

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