Website Integration

What is website integration?

Website integration is a quick and easy deployment of our praised online company registration form to your own website. Its main purpose is to provide value added services as well as remarkable revenue stream without overheads that are related with development and managing of a full company registration service.

Once the visitor clicks the Start Now button, they are on our website, but it is “masked” by your website. Your client never really leaves your site and they never know that the engine working behind your site is from another provider.

This means that the two websites have integrated. Everything appears to be happening on your website -- our website will virtually become yours. This technology of masking is fairly new and is called iFrame technology.

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What website integration can do?

If you are an accountant, tax agent, solicitor and/or financial planner then the website integration solution will not only provide your customers with a value added service but it will also open up a significant new revenue stream for your business without the overheads associated with the development and administration of a full company registration service.


Benefits of using website integration

We have designed our website integration process with simplicity and flexibility in mind. The system is simple to setup and will integrate seamlessly with your new or existing website. Below are some of the key features:

  • Simple integration process
  • Competitive pricing model, no recurring fees
  • Add value to your existing range of services
  • Flexibility to set your own retail pricing
  • Based on the most scalable and robust company registration system in Australia


How website integration is done

Website integration is a combined effort by both our IT teams. This is why you will need to complete some work at your end.


Website integration Process
  • Order website integration from us (by choosing the right size of website, if you do not have a website);
  • Order an SSL Certificate for your website for security and a member of our IT team will contact you;
  • Once code is installed on your website the process of integration is complete;
  • You may develop a “how it works” page on your website to tell browsers (visitors) how the system works.


Website Integration API

Click here to Download our website integration API (Copy all the text from the API) and Paste it on the page of your website where you want to show company registration form. Once your website is ready, contact us to get your API key for your website from us on 02 9638 4081. Replace the text "YourAPIKey" in your integration code with the API key given by us. To see a demo on how your website will look - please visit



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